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Euless Cabinetry

Euless, Texas Cabinetry

Cabinetry ties together any room, ranging from your kitchen and bathroom to your office and garage. Our cabinetry services provide custom cabinets designed to compliment your home cabinetry style. We proudly serve Rowlett and take pride in being the "cabinetry near me" company that serves our residential and commercial clients proudly. Our cabinetry services are dedicated to providing custom designed cabinets, so you can always get the perfect set of cabinets for your home. There is always something extremely special about a handmade piece of furniture for your garage, office, or living room, or custom made cabinetry for your kitchen, whether you placed in above your countertops or below or bathroom. Unlike prefabricated pieces, fine wood furniture will last for generations. To make sure that your style and design is at top of our priorities, we also offer to you Utah's custom flooring assistance that would match your cabinetry and countertops. These customized option is transacted all the way from Sandy, Utah to Texas to give you the justified feel, texture and design you need for your home.


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Our Services

Custom Cabinet Makers

We provide custom designed cabinets for your kitchen, office, bathrooms, and garage. We handle the custom cabinet design process from end-to-end: design, installation, maintenance, removal, and resurfacing. Whether you are looking for custom cabinets for your residential cabinets or commercial cabinets, we are the cabinetry contractors that have you covered. We want to ensure that your custom cabinetry aligns with your goal and our vision, as the "custom woodworkers near me."

Kitchen Cabinets and Islands

Our kitchen cabinetry services will take care of your home kitchen design needs with the perfect set of kitchen cabinets. We tie these into your kitchen theme, matching it with your kitchen island that we also install. Whether you need wood cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, whiteboard cabinets, or even a cabinet pantry, we are the cabinetry company that will provide for you. We map out entire kitchen cabinet designs, including the proper distance of how far the kitchen island should be from the cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinets and Appliances

Bathroom cabinets are essential to accommodate all bathroom utilities. Both functional and decorative bathroom cabinets are essential to your bathroom design exemplifying your personal taste and theme of your home cabinetry. We provide bathroom cabinet services that are custom designed cabinets for your home, including installation of various bathroom utilities such as showers and sinks. Our bathroom cabinetry services are second to none! We also handle appliance work, such as showers, sinks, tubs, and mirror installations!

Resurfacing, Refinishing, Refacing

Cabinet resurfacing is one way to restore cabinets in your household that have worn down over time. Resurfacing cabinets in your home involves installing cabinet laminate over your existing cabinets, accompanied by any finishing touches your kitchen and bathroom resurfacing could need. If you resurface your cabinets every few years, your house will maintain it's beautiful look without having to fulfill a complete cabinet restoration. Cabinet refinishing is an easy way to restore or change the look of your cabinetry. Refinished cabinets don't replace any part of the existing cabinetry, rather the current cabinet finish is removed and simply reapplied to ensure that your cabinets are as good as new. When you're in need of a "cabinet refinishing near me" company, we've got exactly what you need. 

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Cabinetry Near Me

Euless Cabinetry Contractors

Need a "cabinetry near me" company?  When you are searching for a cabinetry company, "cabinetry near me" is often amongst the first things you search up. We take pride in serving our local community, providing custom cabinetry to ensure your kitchen or bathroom matches the style of your home. We handle end-to-end Rowlett Cabinetry, ranging from design to installation and maintenance. We serve all of North Texas with the finest modern cabinetry services!


Cabinetry is used all throughout your household. We handle kitchen cabinetry, office cabinetry, garage cabinetry, bathroom cabinetry, and all other home cabinets that you may need. Cabinets in any room serve a great purpose by maximizing your storage space and creating area for the items you need out of sight.


Carpentry companies always include cabinet design in their home design work. When it comes to cabinets, you want a purpose; whether it is for storage, decorations, or pipe systems. Cabinets tie together any look, so look to us to help build out your custom cabinetry design and ensure that your home is as beautiful as it can be!


What to know about cabinets?

Who Fixes Cabinets?

When building cabinets, it's important to know the spacing of your room and the usage of your desired cabinetry. For example, you must know the proper distance between your kitchen island and your kitchen cabinets, you must know the desired style and finish of your cabinetry, and you must know cabinet refinishing, cabinet resurfacing, and cabinet refacing. We take pride as the "cabinet builders near me" so you can expedite your cabinet building service!


North Richland Hills Cabinetry fixes cabinets all throughout your home. Carpenters, home appliance techs, appliance repair contractors, and general home contractors all fix your cabinets. Handyman services also can perform cabinet installation and cabinet repair services, so reach out to us to get a free quote on whatever cabinet services you need to fix, replace, or repair your cabinetry.

When searching for "cabinet painters near me," you'll be faced with many painting, remodeling, and North Richland Hills cabinetry companies that can service your cabinets. Cabinet repainting can ensure that you are maximizing the aesthetic of your household. The best paint for cabinets depends on whether you need to resurface cabinets, refinish cabinets, or reface cabinets. We paint cabinets near Rowlett, TX.

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